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Plain English

I don't know how to write a blog, I draw and paint stuff and suffer life just like everyone else. Recently I ran a sketch giveaway which didn't really go according to plan but I at least have now learnt a little more about how things can go wrong and more importantly to not leave pictures you plan to give away on top of a fishtank as they go all soggy! I'm still trying to learn everything, not just art but also how on earth all this social media guff works and how I can better market myself and the artwork I do without spending countless hours attached to the PC, as I post in several different places it can get a bit confusing and I often update one and not the others so I'm going to try and streamline that process and always post here first. My current art related accounts are: Art is hard, selling art is harder but working for peanuts for other people is even harder, if you get the chance to try and do something you love remember that you dont have to become a millionaire, you just have to earn enough to get by and continue doing the things you want to do, and that is where I am aiming.

12 x 9 inch watercolour
Crows on a branch, Lloyd George

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