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The year ahead!

So it's 2023 and will be the 3rd year I've had the awesome opportunity by CCP games of an #EveOnline IP license which I'm extremely grateful for. I'd like to apologise to the people I've left on hold with commissions and the people I've had to turn down, my work schedule is tiring and doesn't leave a lot of time for painting, coupled with my PC dying last year, it's been really difficult. Good news though, practically everything on the store is 50% off and I may just have enough money for a new PC soon!! As for Eve, I've actually joined a faction warfare group called 'Sons of Luminaire' part of Sedition and they've been really fun to fly with, actively taking fights they'll lose just for the fun of it and reminding me that getting kills, isn't the same as getting fights while losing can sometimes be more fun than winning.

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