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A long year...

2020 started brilliantly for me with CCP graciously providing a license enabling me to legally sell artwork based on Eve online intellectual property, which I'm sure you'll agree is an amazing opportunity. Unfortunately the pandemic came along and dashed my hopes (and many others) of travelling to Iceland and Eve fanfest 2020 as well as any chance of Evesterdam and Gfleet happening. However, the year progressed and I've produced around 40 watercolour pieces so far, which is only around 4 per month. There is however nearly 4 months left of the year, which include the infamous "Inktober". I aim to create an ink drawing base on Eve every day of October so keep an eye on my instagram account over at Meanwhile I hope that everyone stays safe and makes it through 2020 unscathed and well, look after yourselves.

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