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Painted live over twitch stream

12.5x9.5 inches (unframed),

Cold-pressed, acid free paper

200 GSM/90 lb

Created under license of CCP games, creators of Eve online

Signed by the artist

Guristas Twitch Gila

    1. Do not place in direct sunlight, this would cause the painting/drawing to bleach and lose its colour. Alternatively you could frame it behind UV protected glass.
    2. Avoid placing in spots prone to humidity or fluctions in temperature for example above a radiator or heater or in a bathroom.
    3. Periodically check your artworks for signs of damp, discolouration and distinctive brown marks (sometimes called foxing) are most likely to appear on the back of artworks initially.
      It's a good idea to remove pieces from the wall a couple of times a year to check everything is still shipshape.
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